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What it Means to be a FireAde Dealer

FireAde distributors commit to understanding the signature characteristics of FireAde products, effectively communicate the superior performance of FireAde products, and strategically place FireAde products within the recommended industries. FireAde distributors understand the differences between FireAde and competing products regarding environmental impact and long-term cost savings, and uphold Fire Service Plus commitment to environmental guidelines established by the US Environmental Protection Agency 2010/2015 PFOA Stewardship Program. FireAde distributors agree to continued education of the FireAde product lines, including but not limited to partnering on demonstrations and invitations to present to customers.

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Fill out the form below and your group will receive a follow up from a Fire Service Plus, Inc. member to qualify your standing within your proposed industry. Please be specific in presenting your territories, audience, and existing history in equipment sales. Fire Service Plus, Inc. frequently hosts in-house training sessions and sales presentations for your benefit and for your customers benefit.

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